It’s confusing. I get it.

The marketing industry has changed drastically over the past 20 years, even more so over the past five.

To help you navigate through the options and make decisions that work smarter for your business, here is where I share industry tips based on my own knowledge and experience.

Grab tips and get ideas to strengthen the way you do marketing.

Marketing Strategy: The Nuts and Bolts

Do you find yourself saying, “My marketing efforts just aren’t working?“ Or, if you’re about to launch a new business, asking,  “Where do I begin?”    First, what the heck is marketing? It’s everything you do to promote... read more

Your Plumber Isn’t Your Roofer…

Plumbers and roofers are both required during the construction of a home, neither use the same materials or skills to complete the job. Assuming all marketing roles can be handled expertly by one person will leave you underwhelmed–and sometimes downright disappointed–with the results.

read more

Seth Godin: Toasted

The following is from Seth Godin and is a good way to think about how your customer service can be elevated. Which, ultimately plays a big part in how your brand is presented to your customers. Toasted Just about everything tastes better toasted. One reason is the... read more

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It’s just that. Grab tips and get ideas to strengthen the way you do marketing.

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